Game Picking Guides

(Beginners) Greatest of all Time (GOAT) Method

(Advanced) Variety Method

Networking Method (Coming Soon)

Hybrid Method (Coming Soon)

Viewer Life Cycle (Meet, Follow, Retain, Leave)

Chapter 1 (Meet): How Do People Find You?

Chapter 2 (Follow): Converting People Into Followers

Chapter 3 (Retain): Keeping Your Followers

Chapter 4 (Leave): Attrition on Twitch


How to Get your Chat to Talk More

Luck: What it looks like and how to get it on Twitch


Running a SMART Stream

How to Handle Bombing (Coming Soon)

The Golden Triangle (Coming Soon)

Value (Coming Soon)

Idea Generation - How to be Original (Coming Soon)


Outsourcing - Need to understand what's worth it to outsource, and when it's worth it.

Contracts and Sponsorships - Need to understand what a good contract looks like, and when I'll warrant being worth an opportunity.