Stream Guides

Stream Guides, written for those that most need them - using techniques PROVEN to work by yours truly. These are the most successful methods for building a Twitch stream and making friends.

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A repository for my diatribes. Probably the best place for a look into the inner thought processes of a full-time streamer, and a place for me to clear my head.

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About Skullstream

Learn more about Skull and his mission in life, as a Memento Mori, Educator, Gamer, and

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Why should you listen?

Because I've grown my channel by GAMING solely on Twitch, and not other platforms. No YouTube, very little social media focus, and less than 1% of my time is spent in the IRL directory. I didn't have any friends offering me big raids night after night, and I had no prior following, experience, community, or skills from any other platform coming into this a few years ago. In short:

I am like you.

I'm just a little ahead of where you are now, and I can show you how to do what I've done. I've made all the mistakes you're probably considering, and beaten my head against the toughest of brick walls trying to improve.

Also, and more poignantly, I teach what works to those that need it. And, though experienced streamers will undoubtedly find these strategies useful, this is aimed at the people who've not yet figured out their recipe.

If that's you, you've come to the perfect place.

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